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I never really thought of grooming my eyebrows.  First, I don't know if men should groom their eyebrows.  Second, If I'm gonna have to do it, I don't know how.

I have seen women with ridiculously looking eyebrows countless of times, and a few men too.  Maybe because not too many men do it.

Sometimes, when I look at my eyebrows, I feel that I need to, but I am more scared of how it is going to look after.

Here's an 'instructional video' i found on youtube on how to properly groom eyebrows.  It shows where the eyebrows should starts and ends.  It also shows where the eyebrows should arch. 

After watching the video, I thought grooming eyebrows seems so simple and easy, but just like most "How To's," it is easier to look at than actually doing it.

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