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You probably have seen a lot of 3D TVs and recent movie releases also have their 3D versions.  It is becoming a trend in entertaiment media but there's a small drawback to it, you're gonna need the aid of 3D glasses.  Maybe in the near future, new technology will be able to get rid of that chunky 3D glasses.  While waiting for that to happen, let's enjoy these 3D images without the need of 3D glasses.

These are regular animated (gif) images and you will be amazed that by simply drawing two white lines, you get that 3D effect we love so much.  Take a look at these cool sample animated images of which some are from your favorite movies.  The 3D effect in action is caused by a couple of vertical white lines and some background defocus. {Source}

Wait until the images are fully loaded and enjoy the action in 3D.

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