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Gays Can Go To Heaven If They Want To

Gays will not go to heaven.  Gays can't go to heaven.  Gays don't go to heaven.  However it is said, it seems to me that the gays chose not to go to heaven.  What if they will choose to go to heaven?  Why Not?

Some people jokingly said that gays will only reach the rainbow and they can't go up further.  It's probably why the LGBT community is represented by the colors of the rainbow.  Gays find no problem with that.  They will just play slide over the rainbow.

Seriously, the Word of God-The Bible, showed us how a person can go to heaven (John 3:3) and it is about something a person must do.  It doesn't talk about who you are.  Being straight is not a guarantee that you will have your place in heaven.  Similarly, being gay doesn't mean cannot avail of the grace of God.

We Were All Doomed

All of us were doomed to destruction, gay or straight.  The Bible didn't not say that straight people will go straight to heaven and gays will just hang on the rainbows.  It didn't even say that straight people have better chances of getting to heaven than gays.  We all fall short from the glory of God, gay or straight, male of female, young or old, thin or fat, rich of poor, etc., we all need a savior - equally.  The Bible did not say that 'good people' and straight people only need a little push to get to heaven and the rest will have to work hard to get there.

Being Gay Is Not Just About Men

Most people think that being gay is about drooling whenever there's a hunky, sexy and goodlooking men around.  Yes, we do, but that is just the tiniest part of who we are, only a drop in the ocean.  Only a drop, but sadly, it's what the people chose to see - ignoring the ocean.

Being gay is not about what we do, it's who we are.  God does not care who we are.  He loves us all and He wants us all to be with Him in heaven.  Gays can go to heaven if they want to - if they choose to.

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