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How Does A Person Becomes Gay?

I will not talk about something scientific because i am not a scientist.  This is also not about eating chickens, because if that is true, then we already know who will reign supreme in the future.  I just want to write about what makes other people think a person is gay.

I am gay since the beginning, even before I knew what the word 'gay' is and even if I don't look like the typical gay that many people know.  I didn't know how i become one.  I am sure it's not the chicken's fault because we rarely eat chickens when i was young.  If we do, we ate native chickens, free from whatever steroids that will make a person gay.  Nobody ever molested me, so we have to take that out - that people becomes gay because they were molested when they were young.  I was raised equally by my parents together with my other siblings in the same community and environment.  I am the only one (I hope so) who is gay.  So, I guess we have to take out environmental influences.   So, what do you think made me gay?

I Am Gay Because I Am

Some people who came out told other people what made them gay.  It's either one of those that i have just written above.  I find this alibi, cowardice - blaming other people of what they are.  That they are a by product of an awful incident or of a wrong environment. 

I Am Gay and I Am Different

Yes, I am different and I am unique.  Nobody is like me.  It is intended to be that way.  I am different but I am a normal human being.  I don't want to see someone like me.  It will defeat the purpose of my existence.  If someone is like me, feels like me, do things like me and thinks like me; I would feel irrelevant.  Everyone is different, gay or straight.


  1. I am with you there bro!

    I am gay because that's what I am. But I am discreet.

    I sometimes attribute it to the hormones injected in chicken we eat in Jollibee, but it is a funny thing to think about that.

    I am what I am. Though I've been through a denial stage, I can't help but be aroused by hot-looking guys and set aside beautiful girls in a room.

  2. Haha, I just wish people becomes gay by eating chickens. I have been in denial stage also - for quite a long time.

  3. Hi :) nag email ako sa discreetmagazine@yahoo.com. ang subject is "Hi. Offer ako sayo"


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