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Dirty, Uncut Nails

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While startling, the sight of a well-groomed man with overgrown, cracked nails is not terribly uncommon. Nails should always be clipped short but never so short as to expose the nail bed, which can be an incredibly painful experience. And get over any reservations you may have about manicures and pedicures. Forgoing regular nail care by a professional can lead to uneven nail growth and unsightly fungal infections. It’s essential to treat yourself once every four to six weeks in order to get your nails clipped and filed properly, and most importantly, have your cuticles trimmed down.

There is nothing nicer than a man with clean, neat nails, and the manicure offers this. With our current obsession of looking good, men have also entered into this arena by using moisturizers, colognes, and yes, getting manicures. Neat, clean fingernails are now becoming part of a man's good grooming.

Men having their nails well groomed are definitely gaining popularity, but it is actually not a new thing. Men were having their fingernails groomed way back in the 18th century, and French royalty was known to always have their fingernails well cared for.

A man's hands during this time would always look elegant, and rough hands and nails were a sign of the lower class. Many men these days are not afraid to wear nail polish, so it makes sense that many are now taking to a manicure.

Manicures are an important part of a person's personal hygiene. By having a manicure you always have trimmed, clean fingernails. The type of manicure differs slightly from the usual female version, there is no varnish involved, basically men prefer to have cuticle removal and nails shaped and buffed.

With the amount of germs that can be found underneath the fingernail, a man with well groomed nails is a sure sign there are not many germs (if any) lurking under his nails.


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