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I have to shave at least twice a week or every other day, but not everyday using disposable razors.  I know it's not environment friendly but it is convenient for my lifestyle and more affordable where I live.  I don't know many other brands of disposable razors out there except Gillette and Schick.  I have seen Bic but haven't tried it.  It also reminds me of a popular ballpen brand before.

It should be disposed as its name implies, but how long or how often?  I know there are other factors involved here, the brand of disposable razor, the frequency of use and the amount of hair shaved.

Usually, with my frequency of use and on my facial hair only, I disposed of the razor after two to three weeks.  Sometimes it would last up to a month, not for any other reason but because I haven't bought a new one.

I have tried both Gillette and Schick and haven't noticed any difference yet.  The price also is of the same range, though Schick costs me a little less.  For the budget conscious it would matter, but for most people, it's really negligible.

I don't know if there are health issues involved in disposing of razors longer than it should.  This is not a question of how long, especially if you're not using the disposable razor often.  According to research, disposable razors can harbor up to 5 million bacteria that can lead to skin rashes.  It maybe shocking but I haven't had any infections with my current shaving practices.

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