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Simple Gay Guide To Check Your Feelings Towards Another Guy

Here is a simple checklist to whatever you are feeling right now to someone you feel special.

Are You Attracted To Him?
Attraction is defined as mostly physical.  You find your guy appealing to the eye and nice to look at.  Sometimes you are attracted to him because he may have qualities that you are attracted to.

Are You Just Purely Lusting?
Lusting is completely physical.  You are longing to touch your guy, be with him sexually, you find him "hot" "sexy".

Are You Admiring Him?
Admiration is when you look up to him, like a celebrity, leader, president, or your father.  He has done something that you admire or he just a great person that you would like to be like him.

Are You Fond of Him?
Fondess means you like him because you think he is pretty cool and you like to hang out with him and talk with him.

Is Appealing To You?
When he is appealing, you want to get to know him, you find him interesting, cool, etc.. but you just would like to know him.

Are You In Love With Him?
Love is indescribable.  When you are in love with him, you dont have to question wether or not, whatever.  You just know it.  It is a feeling in your gut, everything feels different and its amazing.

So what's you're feeling for him?

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