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3 Most Important Reasons To Save Money

More important than 'Saving Tips' is the motivation to save money.  In order to succeed at something, we must have reasons for it.  In order for us to save money, we must have reasons why do we need to save money.  Why should we be concerned about setting aside a certain amount of money periodically?  We save for different reasons.

Here are 3 most important reasons to consider:

1.  Save Money For Emergency Purposes
It is really good and important to have funds during emergencies, not just any unexpected expenses.  This could be hospitalization expenses for some illness you didn't expect or a sudden loss of job.

2. Save for Retirement
Most people call this 'Saving for the Future'.  Most people who retire from regular jobs have monthly pensions from different government and private insurances but most of the time it's not enough.  How much more those who don't have?

3.  Save for Something You Want To Have In The Future
This could be saving for a house, a car or a dream vacation.  This could also be some luxury items you want as a gift to yourself or your love one.


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