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This is the profile message of one of the members of planet romeo.

"I want a serious relationship, someone who care for me, a friend to lean on and someone to talk to."

I am not an active user in the site. I rarely visit the site since it was moved to planet romeo from guys4men. I can even count with the fingers of my hands the number of times i visited the site this year.

I am very skeptical about finding serious relationship in planet romeo. Has anyone really found one?

Anyway, when i clicked on the profile of the person who wrote the quoted message above, i saw pictures of naked men.


  1. Buhay pa pala yung PR? Hehehehe. Ano link sa site na yun? Basta ako, I found someone very nice online... his name is Sef. He's not from that website though. He's a visitor to my blog.

  2. Not generalizing all, I you are lucky enough and destined to meet "the one" on such, then good for you ☺

    Sorry, I am trimming down on Social Networking sites... I am currently contented with FB, Twitter, Tumblr and Blogger (teka lang social networking rin ba yung blog? hehehehe) ☺

  3. Elmer, sino ba talaga si sef na yan... hehehe, bigla na lang sumulpot siya sa blog mo. You didn't mention how you found him. hehehe tsismoso lang.

    Brian, thank you for dropping by. Is it spontaneous or planned? :)


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