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In one of my work related trips I decided to have a massage at a nearby massage parlor just adjacent to the hotel where I stayed.  I got the information of the location of the establishment when I asked the security guard of the hotel.  Situated at about five buildings from the hotel, I decided to visit the establishment right away.  It was about seven o'clock in the evening.

When I arrived at the place, I knew something was not right.  It seemed like a seedy place to me.  The receiving area that was overly curtained in maroon colored type of cloth sent a signal to me to turn back.  I was almost desperate to have a massage that evening so I stayed and hoped that the impression I got is wrong.

There was no one at the reception area when I entered, but I heard lady-like voices inside the room.  I had to knock at the counter table to get their attention.  A woman, probably in her thirties got out of the room.  She didn’t look like a masseuse or therapist to me, so I thought she was the receptionist.  She asked me right away if I wanted a massage, skipping the greeting part.  After I said yes, she shouted very loudly calling those that were inside to come out.

Came out were all women, about eight women with heavy make-ups all clad in white but not fully covered.  They are all wearing white, but not scrub suits.  They’re in two-piece skimpy white shorts and I don’t know what it is called but looked like tubes covering their upper part.  They all fell in line in front of me.  The lady receptionist told me to choose to do the massage.

Not the women in the story.
It appears that it happened so fast and I didn’t really know how to respond to the situation that I told directly the lady receptionist that it was not the kind of massage I needed that time and walked away.

It wouldn’t have been my first time being massaged by women.  I have been served by female therapist many times in the past.  They are all professional massage therapists.

But, what if given the same situation, only that the massage attendants were men.  Some men like the therapists below from Sparrows Spa and Relaxation, would have I turned my back and walked away?







Probably not, I would have gladly picked one and see what’s going to happen.

For the record, I haven’t been to Sparrows Spa and Relaxation and they are in no way similar to the spa in my story above.  I would love to try and visit this spa specially that they have a very tempting line of male therapist, but the problem is the distance from where I am.  I just took some of the photos of the therapists posted in their Facebook Page.  If you are against the posting of these photos or you may want to add more photos, just email Discreet Magazine.

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