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Falling In Love With A Sex Worker

Falling in love with a sex worker may not be well received but not uncommon. I know of friends who said they fell in love with their masseurs, callboys and macho (gogo) dancers. What i am not sure of is what they really felt is love and not lust or just "liking" the person. People in this kind of industry really knows how to sweet talk their way to your pocket. They know what stories to tell and the perfect words to use to lure you into their realm.

What if you are really truly fallen in love with a sex worker? Being in a relationship with a sex worker may pose more sensitive issues than having a relationship with people not in the business.

Does he loves you back?

Although we shouldn't expect much about being reciprocated by the same kind of love, how would you be able to tell the love and care he has shown you are for real? Or, is it just because he is paying back what you have given him? If he can't get what he needs from you, would you be getting the same treatment you deserve?

Would you want him to stop with his work?

Doing this might cost you more because you are barring him from his livelihood. Unless, you are a very wealthy person, this may not be a problem. Finding him another job may also be a challenge. Sex workers earns a lot withouth breaking a sweat, finding a job that would let him earn without lifting a muscle is as difficult and tormenting as thinking about him in the arms of other person having sex.

How would you introduce him to your friends?

For some, this might not be difficult. I know of a friend who introduces his love interests to me without second thoughts, but only to me, not to the rest of his friends. If this is difficult to do to your friends, how much more to your family? Falling in love with a sex worker may prove that you don't have prejudices with them anymore but how would you handle your friends' and families'?

There must have been many people who have fallen in love with a sex worker and being loved back. I heard of stories from friends of my friends, but not yet from my circle of friends. They said that in order for the relationship to last, don't expect him to give up his profession and more importantly don't look down on him or put any pressure on him about what he does, because he may like it and it may be his profession of choice. Have you heard of people with very high qualifications and high employability who choose to be in the job simply because they enjoy it?


  1. Ganda ng picture ha! One of my most favorite movie of all time -- "Shelter" :)

  2. Having gone through the experience, I would say this article is true and well said.


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