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Not Using Moisturizer

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No matter how dry or oily or tan or fair or brown your skin is, you need to use moisturizer. Every day the skin on your face is exposed to wind, dust, sun, cold, pollution, bed sheets – all of which are attempting to tear it apart.

Growing a proverbial thick skin is great thing for survival in a crazy world, but going the literal route by forgoing moisturizer could kill your chances for fighting fine lines and wrinkles. Male skin may look tough, but it’s so fickle that a simple shower can leave it dry and cracked like drought-ridden earth. Irritation from shaving just adds fuel to the fire. A lightweight moisturizer with a hint of SPF should be applied daily to the face and neck to replenish water content, soothe skin and provide protection from the elements.

Using a moisturizer to protect your skin will comfort it, and a lotion with uv protection in it will protect your skin from the damage of the sun and the general damage of the elements.

Using moisturizer in the morning is a great way to really protect the skin. While night formulas rejuvenate the skin, they don't protect the skin from environmental factors that can keep your skin from looking its best. A good moisturizer acts as a protective layer throughout the day.

Some moisturizers (emoillents) actually fill in the tiny fissures in the skin caused by normal skin-flaking, which keeps the skin young-looking and firm.

Moisturizers are especially important to use for people trying to clear up acne (even if this seems counter intuitive). Cleansers are all harsh on the skin, but acne medicines can be especially harsh, which can dry out the skin and cause even more oil and more breakouts. Using the medicines with moisturizer can keep a healthy balance of clean, non-oily skin and healthy, hydrated skin.



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