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Coffee Shops In Davao City

More and more people are not going to coffee shops, I am one of them. Unlike others, I don’t hang in there longer. I just want to have my coffee and go. I would only stay longer in coffee shops if I am meeting and have a talk with someone.

Most people I have seen lounging in coffee shops have laptops to get busy with. Free WiFi is one of the coffee shops offers that would entice people to their willing customers. Even if I have my laptop with me, I don’t usually open it in coffee shops.

Coffee shops in Davao City are mushrooming in many streets and malls. If you happen to visit Davao City and feels like going to a coffee shop, check out the list below:

128 Ostrich Steak Hauz & Coffee Shop
Airport View, Catitipan

51 Coffee Shop
Victoria Plaza, Bajada

5th Avenue Café

A Whole Latte Love (2 branches)
Paseo de Legaspi, Legaspi Street
Robinsons Cybergate, Lanang

Agong Café
Duterte St.

Au-alit Café
DDH, Quirino Avenue

Barista Café
Cabaguio Avenue

Basti's Brew (2 branches)
Legazpi Street
Victoria Plaza, Bajada

Beans & Hops
Jacinto Extension

Bigby's Café (2 branches)
Metro Lifestyle Building, Torres Street
SM Ecoland

BluGre Café (3 branches)
Landco, Bajada
Matina Town Square, McArthur Highway, Matina
SM Ecoland

Bogser's Coffee Houset
Central Park Subdivision in Bangkal

Bogser's Java & Jazz Coffee Shoppe

Bo's Coffee Club (2 branches)
SM Ecoland
Torres Street

Boyztrek Café
Jacinto St. cor. Juan Luna St

Brew Crew's Coffee House
Juan Luna Street

Brewedcaster Café (2 branches)
Buhangin Davao City
Tionko Avenue


Bruegger's Café
Autoshop, Bajada

Bryan’s Grill & Café

Café 54
Victoria Plaza Complex, Bajada

Café Agdao
Bagobo, Duterte St.

Café Alfresco

Café Andessa
Cabantian Road, Buhangin

Café Franco
Smashville, Boulevard

Café Ilustrado
Gaisano South Mall, Ilustre Street

Café Josefina
Apo View, Camus Street

Café Juna
Juna, Matina

Café Marco
Marco Polo, C.M. Recto

Café Miro
Sumifro, Tibungco

Café Mood
Las Casitas de Angela Inn, Rizal Street

Café Prego
Gaisano South Mall, Ilustre Street

Café Uno
Waterfront, Lanang

Caffe Buzz

Caffe Firenzo (2 branches)
G/F Damosa Business Center, Mamay Road, Lanang
Quirino Ave. (beside Honeybear Chicken House and across the street from the Bangko Sentral)

Caffe V
Duterte Street

Caffe Vivere
Mt. Apo St.

Calle Cinco (2 branches)
Torres Street
Victoria Plaza, Bajada

G-Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue

CHICCO DE CAFÉ (4 branches)
NCCC Mall, McArthur Highway, Matina
Roxas Avenue
SM City, Ecoland
G-Mall, Bajada

Chippens Café
Roxas Avenue

Claudes' Café de Ville
Rizal Street

Coffee @ Yellow House (2 branches)
Mapa Street
Garden Oasis

Coffee Cat
F. Torres Street

Coffee Dream (4 branches)
Damosa Gateway, Lanang
Damosa Market Basket, Lanang
Davao Medical School Foundation, Bajada
SM Ecoland

Coffee Plus

Coffee Spot
C.M. Recto

Copa Bossa
Quimpo Boulevard

Cups and Lowercase
Torres Street

Davao Coffee Express
NCCC Mall, McArthur Highway, Matina

Dulce Manos Café
Juan Luna St.

Euro Café/Euro Baker
G-Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue

Fabulous 50's Café
Crown Regency, Villa Abrille

Fagioli Coffee Club (2 branches)
Quirino Avenue
Damosa Gateway Area, Lanang

Figaro (2 branches)
Chimes Mall, Chinatown
SM Ecoland

Gi2 Coffee
Sales Street, Davao City

Gloria Jeans
Grand Regal, Lanang

Hazel's Café

Japanese Tunnel Coffee Shop
Diversion Road, Davao City

K1 Coffee(2 branches)
Torres St.

Kamayo Café
Palma Gil St.

Central Bank, Quirino St.

Kape de Bohol
Jacinto St.

Karl’s Koffee Korner (4 branches)
DIA, Buhangin
SM Ecoland

Karlo's Coffee Station
Jack's Ridge, Matina

Kasagingan Kapehan (2 branches)
Roxas Ave.
Torres St.

Kopi Roti
Jacinto St.

La Core Café
Victoria Plaza compound, JP Laurel Avenue

Le Grandeur Café
Grand Menseng Hotel, Pichon (Magallanes) Avenue

Lories Café
Araullo street/Jacinto ext

Miko's Brew
Chavez Street, Davao

Monster's Café
Ilustre St.

Panaderia Coffee Express
Jacinto Street.

Pandero Coffee Express
Roxas Ave.

PeaceBuilders Community Café
University Avenue, Juna

Port Café
G-Mall, J.P. Laurel Avenue

Pronto Mario
Sta. Ana Avenue

Roadhouse Café
SM Ecoland

Saluhan Coffee Shop
Emerald Inn

Sarimanok Coffee Shop

Mt. Apo Street

Skins Coffee Shop
Magallanes Street, Davao City

SkyGo Café
Davao International Airport, Buhangin

NCCC Mall McArthur Highway, Matina

The Café Mediterranean
Sales Street

Tump Café
NCCC Mall, McArthur Highway, Matina

Turkish Coffee Shop
Bonifacio Street

Zabadami Layered Coffee
Ponciano Street

There may be other coffee shops just lurking in the corner and is not included in the list. If you happen to know them, let me know. If you would like recommendations, click here.


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