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Almost all kinds of information we want to know may be found in the internet, but searching for these sets of information is not easy. You would probably get entangled and/or overwhelmed with the search results.  On the other hand, searching for that specific information, especially the unpopular one is like finding that notorious needle in the haystack.

Whenever I am in Metro Manila, searching helpful information for people like us – online or offline is not that difficult. But, when I am in the provinces, it’s the exact opposite. Asking for these "type information" needs a lot of courage that many of us fall short on that. If we go online, there’s too little available and it is scattered from different websites and blogs.  Most of the time, it would require a googlesmith to find it.

This blog hopes to consolidate helpful information for people like us. I hope this blog will accomplish its purpose. I would appreciate if you can help gather information for people like us, leave your comments and suggestions so that this blog will be of help to people needing it.

Thank you for dropping by and have a wonderful day.


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