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The word "complicated" does not only commonly refers illness and relationship status nowadays; forgiveness has joined the ranks.  Disputing a popular “forgive and forget” quote, forgiveness never means to forget.   Forgiveness now has its complications.

Recent airline seat incident involving two popular personalities in their own respective world lead to an apology through the social media by one party and the other rejecting it bringing the issue to the court.

Not relatively unknown to the not-so-young, [former?] actress Melissa Mendez like many other celebrities had been in controversial issues in the past.  The latest is the seat incident involving Rey Pamaran in a Cebu Pacific plane bound to Pagadian City.

Rey Pamaran maybe an unknown to many but he has his own little world where he is a celebrity; the person that is being looked-up to in many ways, aside from being wealthy.  This is the first time I have posted something about Rey Pamaran, but if you have been visiting gay blogs, you probably have read some juicy articles about him.  The stories however has to yet to be proven factual in spite of photos and images shown as proofs.  Photos can tell many stories apart from the truth.  There is even one blog where he is a favorite target of sarcastic remarks for reasons unknown [envy perhaps?] to many.

In the news, Melissa Mendez who is in her 50’s allegedly sat on the seat reserved by Rey Pamaran in Cebu Pacific flight bound for Pagadian on Friday, March 20.  Ms. Mendez, who wanted to take pictures of the cloud probably found the seat of Mr. Pamaran the best place to do it.  It is certain that Melissa boarded the plane first before Pamaran because she was able to take the seat.  When Pamaran boarded and reached his reserved seat, Melissa who has taken the seat requested that they swap seat and probably cited her reasons for such request.  Mr. Pamaran, who also has his reasons for reserving that particular seat like leg room among others did not give in to Melissa’s request.  Melissa haggled the she be given even just a few minutes enough for her to take the pictures of the clouds then she will transfer back to her designated seat.  The seat negotiation undoubtedly didn’t end well.  There were allegedly badmouthings and slapping incident that took place.  Melissa was offloaded.

Why Was Melissa Mendez Offloaded, Not Rey Pamaran

This is one of the queries and/or maybe public sentiments by the people who heard the news and even the people who were in that flight, and I guess only Cebu Pacific management can perfectly answer this question.  Although, there were comments and observations coming from the passengers on that flight that Cebu Pacific flight attendants looked untrained or ill-prepared to manage the incident that involved celebrities.  We, on the other hand, who were not on that flight can only speculate.  Probably because she became unruly; or if Rey will be offloaded, his group will get off the plane as well.  Rey Pamaran is supposedly a loyal and a very frequent customer of the airline and he doesn’t fly alone.

Melissa Mendez Seeking Justice Through Media

In an unpleasant emotional state, feeling humiliated, offended and threatened, Melissa Mendez made use of TV media for retribution or probably vindication.  Rey Pamaran on the other hand who doesn’t have similar level of access to TV made use of social media, where he has followers.  Both have different stories told.  Cebu Pacific passengers on that flight also has their own versions.  Many sided on Melissa for the reasons that she is a woman and older, giving away the root cause of the incident.

Rey Pamaran Rejected Melissa Mendez’ Apology

In here Instagram Account, Melissa Mendez apologizes to Rey Pamaran.  “No matter what the reason might be, I had no right to physically hurt Mr. Pamaran. Again, my deepest apologies to Mr. Pamaran and to all people affected by this,” she said.

Rey Pamaran however, rejected the apology through his social media accounts. 

“I was hoping for a more heartfelt reply, where she would not only apologize but also own up to the lies that she said on TV to defend herself while destroying my reputation,”

“However in the spirit of the coming Holy Week, I am giving Ms. Mendez one more chance to clear everything in detail, including all the lies that she said about the incident,”

Pamaran also said he wanted Mendez to apologize on national television because that is where she destroyed his name.

I am a bit confused by Rey Pamaran who said in his letter earlier that he already forgave Mendez "the moment she was escorted out from the airplane, which was recorded on video by Andrew Wolff, Pamaran's companion at that time.

Here’s Rey Pamaran’s open letter to the actress:

“Ms. Mendez, As you know, the unfortunate incident that happened between us has already spread mainstream, and as expected, it now comes in different versions and accusations. Between you and me and the countless witnesses inside that flight know the real truth. As we know, your antics has made the headlines already and while this may work for your media mileage, it doesn’t sit well with mine. I want you to know that I am standing by the truth, and I shall never release twisted truths and half lies. I am a decent human being with a high respect towards other people, even to those who have attacked me without reason. I am a private person and would love to keep things this way.

That being said, I want to offer you two things that I feel is right and fair for both in the eyes of man and hopefully God. First, I would like to offer you my forgiveness. The moment you were escorted out from the airplane, I already forgave you. While it is obvious that my character has been tarnished with this incident and also because of that false statements that you released, I would like to let you know that I will not be pressing any legal charges against you on the condition that you set the records straight using the truth and nothing but the whole truth though a genuine public apology. Upon doing so, I will not pursue all legal cases I intend to file against you which is already being drafted by my legal team. Just tell the public what the truth is, then we can end from there. If not, I shall be pursuing all cases against you in the proper courts. I leave the choice to you. Thank you and have a pleasant day.”

If i understood it right, Rey Pamaran has forgiven Melissa but it didn't mean he wouldn't be pursuing a case against her.  The only thing that will stop Rey from suing Melissa is for her to make a public apology on TV.  Definitely the expected apology didn’t come about because Rey Pamaran has finally filed a 3 million law suit with no less than Raymund Fortun as his lawyer.

What Made This Petty Issue Escalate?

If it happened to ordinary people like me, I’d probably had given that seat to the person who wanted to take pictures of the clouds or that person perhaps had transferred back to his designated seat if I don’t want to give up the seat.  Arguments could possible occur but almost certainly will not end up one of us gets offloaded.

Who Should Be Blamed?

We are a country that delights on finger pointing and enjoys blaming someone on every single incident.  I don’t really don’t know which should be blamed, the clouds or the seat?  All I can honestly say that I cannot be blamed on this, I am innocent.

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