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One of the 45 islands of the town of El Nido in Palawan and towering over Bacuit Bay, Pinagbuyutan Island is easily the most recognizable structure in the area.  Pinagbuyutan is also one of the most famous islands and it was the shoot location for programs such as Survivor Israel and the Amazing Race.

Pinagbuyutan Island has soft powdery white sand comparable to the world's best beaches. The water is shallow for about a couple of meters from the shore and then a few meters away you will see a snorkeling area full of fishes. You will be captivated by the emerald green color of the water and the phenomenal seascape fronting this island.

What is most interesting about it is that it is home to the balinsasayaw or the edible-nest swiftlet (Aerodramus fuciphagus). This bird lives in dark caves and creates its nest out of its own solidified saliva.

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