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I never thought that I would live to see farts collected from different countries and sold online for our "sniffing pleasure?"  With a simple goal to share farts from around the world, a crappy Kickstarter allows you to buy farts in a jar from around the world even though there's no tellling what a fart from different parts of the world smell like.  I would guess you wouldn't want to know either.

Each Fart in a Jar comes with a note of its origin and is sealed to keep the freshness in.  It includes note that exact fart odor and consistency may vary, even between farts from the same region, as dietary fluctuations exist within most countries. lol!  So if you ever wanted to smell the sweet stench of human digestion from Fiji, Tonga, Egypt or Ecuador, now is your chance to invest in an opportunity at the ground level.

Roy Stanton, who started this project, is attempting to raise a cool $10,000. With 10 backers, 157 dollars raised at the time of writing and 7 days to go, the "Fart in a Jar" Kickstarter campaign is trying to deliver noxious gases from around the world directly to your door, one jar at a time. So for the low, low price of $9, you can be the proud owner of a fart from your choice of more than 80 nations around the world.  Depending on your level of commitment to the project, different investment options are available. The largest is $500, which will bring you 80 flatulent fragrances, one from each region available.

With any great business comes challenges. The hardest one for this Kickstarter was the fart testing process.

"It is difficult to sample farts from so many nationalities and still maintain a healthy and nutritious diet," the Kickstarter page explains. "However, as our nasal cavities became desensitized we found it easier and easier to sample our flatulent findings without gagging."

The Project's Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the farts maintain their freshness?
Yes. While there is some minor loss of quality over time due to evaporation and minor leakage, the integrity of the original fart remains intact!

How do you collect the farts?
Fart harvesting is a difficult and time-consuming process. Farts from around the world are collected in a variety of "fart-in-a-jar" approved containers then shipped to us where we extract the flatulent fantasticness using our patented fart-syphoning technology.

Source, credits and photos from mashable.com and kickstarter.com


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