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Located in Barangay Tuno in the town of Tibao are the seven waterfalls of Bugtong Bato, a hidden attraction behind steep ravines and large boulder formations.  The name ‘Bugtong Bato’ refers to a huge rock found a few meters away from the first of the seven falls. It usually goes unnoticed due to a tree that grew on top of it.

The first of these multi-tiered waterfalls is not very tall but packs a powerful cascade of water that creates a pool that’s about knee to waist-deep.  Locals and tourists often go to the first waterfall for a refreshing plunge or a picnic because it is easily accessible among the seven waterfalls. Upon reaching the first waterfall, the trek turns to a challenging adventure until you arrive at the last waterfall.  In order to reach the succeeding formations, one has to climb a flight of stairs found on the left side of the first falls. A handle has been placed to help visitors climb up.  After the stairs, one must climb a rope to reach the second waterfall’s side and then rappel going down. This routine will be the same for the remaining five waterfalls.

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