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At the height of Eric Vijandre and Mo Twister feud, Ervic called Mo 'little lady boy' to which Mo responded and call Ervic a gay bar dancer.  It's amusing at the same time so low to hear guys calling themselves gay-related names.  It made them less of a man.  I would rather see them in a boxing ring.

Mo may have a point, Miss Philippines-Universe Ariella Arida singled-out Latinas to which she could have generalized all other contestants without naming a race.  On the other hand, the timing was not really right for Mo.  He should have just shut his mouth in favor of our representative to the Miss Universe pagaent, if he still consider himself a filipino.  Now that the incident have blown out of proportion, I just hope that it won't affect our hope for the Miss Universe crown.

As for Ervic, he was just being himself, a ladies man and the mouth piece of many filipinos who did not agree with what Mo Twister did.

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