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The purpose of sensual massage is to build intimacy with your partner through touch.  Massage between partners has a sensual aspect but the main purpose remains - to relax the body.  The idea behind sensual massage is to give pleasure to your partner through touch.  One person is giving it, the other is receiving it and most importantly, the two should be in a consensual relationship.  This could mean that you don't worry about getting nude and being touch in most intimate areas in your body.

Sensual Massage In The Spa
The boundaries that apply in professional massage don't apply to sensual massage.  This means you cannnot hire just anybody to do sensual massage for you.  Sensual massage is not explicitly offered in a professional spa.  If you ask for a sensual massage technique, you will be interpreted as requesting for a sexual contact.  Some massage therapist may explain that it is not allowed but surprisingly, sometimes the massage ends with a happy ending.

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