{Download} Pinoy Gay Themed Movies

Download pinoy gay themed movies, download pinoy indie movies, download pinoy gay indie movies, these are just a few of the most searched keywords among pinoy gay themed blogs and websites or any pinoy blogs that have at least a few gay contents.


1.  Most of these pinoy gay themed movies are not shown in regular movie houses.  They are usually shown in theaters that some 'would be' watchers do not want to be associated with.

2.  These movies rarely reach the provincial areas.  Eager fans of actors in the movie find the internet as the best alternative to be able to watch these movies.

3.  These movies are hard to find in video stores.  If someone finds one, buying it is quite a challenge.  Someone must be courageous enough to face the sales person at the counter area when he/she looks at the video and then look at the person buying it.

4.  Buying these movies are not really worth your hard earned money.  With few exceptions, most of these movies have poor story lines or nothing at all and are poorly executed just like rated x videos. The only difference is that you don't get to see everything.  If you remove the sex scenes, nothing is left.

Gay theme TV dramas are one of the most watched because they are executed well.   This means that this genre has a market if the good are delivered well, otherwise, people will just keep on downloading.


  1. Aside from reason No. 4, i prefer to download them because i can do it discreetly without anyone knowing i am watching these kinds of movies.

  2. yeah, lalo na at mga mahadera ang saleslady sa mga video shops para bang it is a funny thing to browse DVDs on this type of movies.

  3. hahaha, yup, but sometimes i think maybe it's just us... maybe they really didn't care. It's a norm to look at the person they are serving but really don't care what they are buying.