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Best Masseur Recommendations in Laoag City

Customer satisfaction when it comes to massage services rely mostly on the expertise of the masseur. Other services offered by the spa to give comfort and convenience to the clients are just an added bonus.

Relying on spa recommendations to get a good satisfying massage might lead to disappointments especially if they were handled by incompetent masseurs. This post hopes to gather comments and recommendations from spa patrons who have gone to the different spas in LAOAG CITY.

Do you know of a particular masseur in LAOAG CITY whom you can recommend? Recommendations should also include the name and location of the spa where the masseur works. If not working in a particular spa, at least a guide to contact the masseur.

Please limit recommendations within LAOAG CITY only.


  1. Ilocanos are uptight they should follow the Cebuanos

  2. What did you mean by uptight? did you mean 'ayaw gumastos'?

  3. Is there any discreet guys in Laoag? Who is neat and presentable?

  4. i need in ilocos m4m now......09277714180

  5. Not really, Ilocanos are not that uptight as the blog would indicate. However, they're conscious of the wagging tongues. There was one I became friend with. He's not from Ilocos Norte but a student from Cagayan valley. If I got him right he was he was dropped like a hot poatato by his gay friend. And just wanting to finish his studies, he was I suppose second year then, tried to befriend very discreet people like us. He got a good body and sense of public relation. That was about a year ago. Am as well trying to get a masseur. I used to have weekly massage, Thai massage, years back in Thailand. please text 09995825745 if you know an interested party.


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