Arjay Carreon

Arjay Carreon 01

I believe this guy has potential in acting. Given the right project and director to hone his skills in acting, Arjay could break into the mainstream showbiz industry. Arjay Carreon is an indie actor/model. Campus Crush, Discreetly, Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand 2, Boy Toys, Hinala and Laruang Lalake are some of the videos he is in.

Arjay Carreon 02
Arjay Carreon 03


  1. Can he really act? I haven't seen his movies :)

  2. Yes, he has potentials... it is just sad that he is into straight to video movies... with very bad everything.. lol!

  3. Arjay Carreon has space @local cinema, male nora aunor in the making!

  4. Where can we watch arjay's movie... Does he have new projects? Looking forward to see him...